Im A Fan!!!

Get a burger here, they are great!  I had the Wicked Hot burger which has jalapeno bacon, pepper jack cheese, wicked pickles (fried pickle slices…yum), and a habanero pepper relish.  Make sure to ask for the relish on the side…trust me, you’ll thank me later.  I ordered the burger Medium-Rare and the cook did a good job at meeting that request.  Often times restaurants err on the safe side of “rare” and over cook the meat.  So the burger really isn’t that wicked hot without the habanero pepper relish.  I applied small portions of the relish per bite and that seemed to be the way to handle the intense temperature.  The relish was enough to clear my sinuses on each bite.  I’m a big pepper and hot sauce guy and the heat scale on the relish was very respectable.  I opted for onion rings on the side which were very good and beer to extinguish the flames.
Shannon View is nice, quaint pub with stables, booths, and bar stools.  A very intimate setting as the pub is small in size but definitely worth the stop.  I am looking for my next visit and my next burger!  I’m a fan.

By: Eric M

Jack Does It Again!

Jack Doherty does it again!  I’m a pretty huge fan of Doherty’s, and Sullivan’s Publick House has recently become another favorite local watering hole for us, and all of that goodness has carried over to this newest location!  Although the name is a bit confusing, as it’s not actually an inn (at least I don’t think it is), and although the beer variety is not as enormous as it is at Doherty’s, this is still a great place with great food and great beer!

Try the pretzels; The dipping sauce is to die for!  The chili was also fantastic!

By: Erin M


Stopped in a week or so ago with the hubby and a friend.  Ordered a burger, feeling creative i made my own.

a medium rare burger with aged cheddar, bbq sauce, mushrooms and on their pretzel bun. First time i have ever received my burger cooked the way i like it, so juicy and just the right amount of pink.  The pretzel bun was out of this world. Normally i can never finish a burger, but let me tell you i made my way to the last couple bites of this one.

instead of fries i got a side of mashed potatoes with their gravy.  again another home run here – good to the last bite!

i don’t need to write about the beer – its amazing!

By: Rebecca M

No Regrets

Shannon View Inn, how do I love thee? Well, my little go-to brunch spot, let me revel in all the ways you make me want to lay down roots and brand myself a “townie.” First, let’s discuss the 32-ounce PITCHER of Bloody Mary’s or mimosas that get planted on the table. For a Sunday morning sipper, I’ll happily take it. The service is pleasant at worst, and brilliantly witty (Heather!!!) at best – depends who you get, but whatever happens, you’re golden.

The food is stick-to-your-ribs pub fare, that is incredibly good. My favorite dish is the Mamacita: two eggs, served on a bed of chili and jalapeño cornbread. I splash it all with a few shakes of Tabasco sauce, and I achieve nirvana. Other standout dishes include the nachos and pancakes. I have it on good authority that they make a mean hash omelet. Wash it all down with an Irish coffee, if you haven’t been rendered completely immobile by the aforementioned bloodies or mimosas.

Shannon View Inn also offers regulars a shot at 15 minutes of fame: join their beer club and, when you’ve finished 50 pints (the variety on offer is outstanding), you get your name engraved on a plaque on the wall. Classy! Finish 100, and you have the added distinction of getting a clever epigram of your choice, engraved on said plaque. This sounds like a job for Oscar Wilde, but since he’s not with us anymore, I’m already dreaming of what mine will say.

Looking for a way fun night out on the cheap? Their BYOT – “Build Your Own Tuesday” nights – feature a burger and four beers for $12. What? Yes. YES.

I live in fear of the day when my constitution can no longer handle the gut busting goodness that is the hallmark of Shannon View Inn. Until then, I will enjoy the occasional trip down the road where, in the shadow of the planes landing over TF Green Airport, I’ll dig into one outlandishly awesome meal, with no regrets.

By: Shannon H

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